They say that first impressions count; never has that been more true than upon entering Manon Les Suites.  This five-star gem is one of Copenhagen’s trendiest – and, I’m guessing, most Instagrammed – hotels.

Swish Danish design?  Check.  Tropical rainforest vibes?  Check!  A swimming pool that has to be seen to be believed?  Are you sure we’re talking about a hotel here?  Incredibly, the answer is yes.  Manon Les Suites is a hotel like no other.  If I had to describe it in two words, it’d be an urban oasis.

I was lucky enough to call Manon Les Suites home for a couple of nights in February 2019.  Safe to say, I’ve never stayed anywhere quite like it.  The incredible balance between hygge-cosy and modern design struck all the right chords, making this the perfect accommodation to slip back into after a busy day exploring the city.  The hardest part of our stay?  Leaving!

Here are just some of the reasons to fall in love with the gorgeous Manon Les Suites: 

The Location 

What’s not to love about a super location? 

Manon Les Suites is really well connected for transport.  The nearby Forum metro station is just a 7 minute walk away, and links you directly to the airport.  This metro will be a lifesaver during your time in the city, as it also connects to the main train station, as well as areas like Christianshavn and Nyhavn.

Manon Les Suites is placed within easy walking distance of the city centre.  The Tivoli gardens are a mere ten minutes’ stroll from the hotel, and the main shopping district a further five.  We were able to walk to just about every sight from the hotel.  Despite this, it was also far enough away from the hustle and bustle to feel like you were getting a real escape at night. 

The gorgeous Tivoli Gardens, a mere 10 minute walk away

The Staff 

Immediate assumptions about a 5 star establishment might bring to mind snooty clerks and tip-expecting bellboys.  We met nothing of the sort.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met such a young, trendy and chilled team of staff!  It must be a Danish thing.

The welcoming vibes were set straight from the offset.  After a hearty welcome and early check-in to our room, were given plenty of sound advice on things to see and do in the area.  The team were also great at remembering the wee details, like offering to store our bags for us on the final day, and lending us a brolly when the rain set in.  Little gestures, sure, but they add up to big things.

The reception area was beautifully designed, bridging the gap somewhere between a San-Fran coffee house and Hackney thrift shop. Travel mags were on hand, alongside sumptuous armchairs.  Eco-friendly products lined the shelves.  Each wall had its own vibrant texture, creating a feast for the eyes.  You could easily be forgiven for thinking you’d walked into a trendy cafe.  All this before we’d even laid eyes on our room!

The Style 

Where to begin with the décor…?

Manon Les Suites seems to take influence from around the world.  The curious fusion of Asian, African and Scandi styles which may well catch you off guard at first.  Somehow, this creatively-crafted mishmash works!  It’s fun, vibrant and sure to bring brightness to even the bleakest of Danish days.

The tropical vibes continue throughout with an abundance of plants.  They tumble all the way down from the ceilings, swirling around banisters and spilling over ceramic pots.  Finding our way to our room was a little like fighting our way through a jungle.  It was an adventure we were happy to make!

FYI: There’s also a lot of taxidermy animals about.  This might not sit right with everyone, though it will certainly give you something to talk about as you make your way up the stairs! 

From the grey stone walls to the chunky wooden doors and bed frames, there was a lovely marriage of rustic and quality to the design.  At times you could feel like you’d stepped into a Mayan temple.  At others it felt like a Nordic art gallery.  Whatever your interpretation, I think most guests would agree the outcome was something truly special.

The Rooms 

We were booked into a ‘Petite Suite’ but there was very little petite about it.  It was like we’d been handed keys to our own luxury NY studio, with our own kitchenette, living area, four-poster bed and ensuite wetroom.  The division of the space, with half-walls and thick curtains, was really intelligent.  The apartment felt much bigger than its actual floorspace.

Every mod-con had been thought about, from the Smeg kitchenware to the bluetooth music system and not one, but two TVs! 

Our bathroom came well-stocked with goodies!  As well as matching robes and slippers, we also had a plethora of iLoveEcoEssentials toiletries to indulge in.  The cucumber mist and herbal body washes were beautifully matched.

The team had gone to great lengths to take care of every comfort.  We even had a drawer stocked with emergency essentials like toothbrushes, razors and deodorant.  It’s rare to see this in a hotel.  I’m going to take it as a sign of their forward-planning, rather than a subtle hint that we were beginning to look and smell a tad on the hobo side!

My favourite feature of the room, however, was absolutely the bed.  Sumptuously comfy with not-too-thick quilts.  A TV built into adjoining wall. All you had to do was close the curtains around you, snuggle up, and HEY PRESTO! you’ve got yourself a ready-made cocoon of happiness. 

The Breakfast 

Oh lordy.   

Served in the rooftop restaurant/bar, this was one of the most exciting hotel breakfasts I’d had in a long time. 

Served in beautifully painted plates, the buffet focused on fresh, organic, Danish food.  This ranged from smoked meats, fish and cheeses to cooked options like sausages and chilli eggs.  These were complimented by healthy freshly-made salads, still-warm rye bread and continental options like muesli and fruit.  And, of course, there were the obligatory Danish pastries. OH THE PASTRIES. 

Better still, breakfast was served until 11.30am.  For a weekday stay was a real treat!  We quite happily filled our boots.  Nae shame whatsoever.

The gym 

Manon Les Suites is home to a seriously impressive gym, open to both guests and the public.  It seemed to be a super-popular place, with fitness fanatics popping in at all hours of the day.  Naturally, this piqued our curiosity and so we popped down for a visit on our last day. 

This was no ordinary hotel gym!  Run by local fitness company Sporting Health Club, the gym offers top-of-the-range equipment and even a full-scale professional boxing ring!  If we’d had a little more time (or let’s be honest, determination!) we would have loved to visit the gym more.  Instead, we were more focused on the pool, which brings me to my next point… 

The Pool 

Without a doubt, this is Manon Les Suite’s defining feature.  The pool area, which makes up the beating heart of the hotel, gives this place the absolute Wow Factor.  I defy ANYONE to stumble upon it for the first time and not be blown away! 

All six levels of the hotel are built around the pool. The suites and their wrap-around balconies look on to the atrium.  It’s a staggering design, and made all the better by the exposed pipework, glass ceiling and quirky wooden fish suspended from above. 

With its gently heated water, onsite bar, lounge beds and disco ball twinkling away, the pool is pretty much the epitome of relaxation.  I loved hanging out here after a busy day at the sights.  It was hard to imagine a better way to unwind than to ease those weary muscles with an evening dip. 

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a roof-top sauna. Dang, the Danes know how to up the feel-good factor!

It’s Eco-Conscious 

Another massive plus for the team down at Manon Les Suites is the emphasis they place on doing their bit for the environment.  In fact, this is true for the entire Guldsmeden hotel chain.

Wherever possible, they’ve done their bit to reduce their carbon footprint.  This can be seen from the organic food and drink on offer, to the toiletries which are refilled rather than replaced.  The iloveEcoEssentials products were on sale at reception too if you fancied taking any of organic products home!   

Looking for a green way to get around?  Be sure to ask about bike hire at reception! 

Of all the hotels I’ve stayed at, Manon Les Suites certainly stands out.  It’s got the fun factor.  It’s got the wow factor.  It has more Danish style and pizazz than you could shake a stick at.  For a tropical treat in the heart of the city, you couldn’t do better than this.  For booking and more, head straight to their website here.  You can also check out their funky promotional video below:

Disclaimer:  Our stay was kindly supported by Guldsmeden Hotels.  Many thanks to the team for arranging this and for looking after us so well!  As always, all opinions are my own.

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